iconGun-Galuut Nature Reserve
Distance: 130 km (paved road)
Attractions & Activities:
Argali Land, Quit flows the Kherlin River, Crane Nesting Wetland, Nomadic family homestay.
Estimated time:
2.30-3 hours
Tourist Ger Camps:
Steppe Nomads Ger Camp


iconGorkhi- Terelj National Park1
Distance: 70 km (paved road)
Attractions & Activities:
Turtle Rock, Gunjiin Sum Temple, Terelj River, Rock Climing, Hiking
Estimated time:
1 hour
Tourist Ger Camps:
Ayanchin Lodge, Mirage Camp, Heaven Envoy Camp, Mongolian Horse Riding Club
iconHustai National Park
Distance: 95 km (paved road)
Attractions & Activities:
Takhi (Wild Horse), Deer Stones, Red Deer, White Tailed Gazelles, Horse Riding
Estimated time:
1-2 hours
Tourist Ger Camps:
Hustai Tourist Camp, Moilt Tourist Ger Camp, Moltsog Els Tourist Ger Camp
iconElsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes
Distance: 290 km (paved road)
Attractions & Activities:

Elsen Tasarkhai Small Sand Dune, Rock Mountains, Khugnu Khaan Mountain, Camel Riding
Estimated time:
6-7 hours
Tourist Ger Camps:
Hoyor Zagal Tourist Ger Camp
iconErdene Zuu Monastery

Distance: 370 km (paved road)
Attractions & Activities:
Kharkhorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia, Erdene Zuu Monastery, Tuvkhun Monastery
Estimated time:
7-8 hours
Tourist Ger Camps:
Mungun Mod Tourist Camp, Dream Land Tourst Camp, Tsaidam Tourist Camp, Misheel Tourist Camp

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