Bogd Khan Mountain and Manzushir Monastery

Bogd National Park
Distance: 46 kilometers
Duration: 40 minutes by jeep and saloon car , 1 hour by bus
Accommodation: Undurdov Ger camp-15 kilometers, Manzshir ger camp in the same area. Bus:
A daily bus departs from Ulaanbaatar to zuunmod soum  at Teeweriin tovchoo. It costs 2000 tugrug per person.Zuunmod to manzushir taxi 10000tugrug.


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Manzushir monastery  was a monastery established in 1733 , south of the Bogd Khan Uul Mountain range, 7km north of the Töv Aimag capital of Zuunmod.
Manzushir  is the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. Over time the monastery grew into a complex that housed more than 20 temples with over 300 resident monks. During the communist purges of the 1920's and 30's, the monastery was completely destroyed and all the monks either killed or exiled. The remains of the temple have been turned into a museum.
Activities: Hiking, horse riding, climbing
One of the two most popular day trip destinations outside of Ulaanbaatar is Mt.Bogd National Park. Lying to the south of Ulaanbaatar, Bogd Khaan Mountain has been a national park of the country since 300 years ago. The main entrance to the National Park is 46 kilometers to the south west of the city. Because of its religious significance this beautiful mountain has been untouched for centuries in terms of utilizing its resources and hunting animals. A few religious ceremonies take place a year near the highest peak of Tsetsee Gun. The mountain is guarded under the special protection act of Government. With its nature and wildlife intact, Bogd Khaan Mountain boasts its beautiful scenery with green forests of pine, cedar, larch and birch covering the mountain. In summers, meadows between woods are covered with a number of different types of flowers, most of which are popular edelweiss, producing a colorful scenery. A number of different species of animals including stag, wild boar, sable, wolf and fox can be found throughout the mountain.
Manzshir Monastery
Except from the natural beauty of Mt. Bogd National Park, Manzshir monastery is an important attraction. Built in the 19th century, the monastery was destroyed by communists in 1937 during a country wide political purge against religion. Now the sites of most temples are almost unnoticeable being covered with grass. A new temple is built and serves as a museum. Inside the temple there are pictures and a few remains of the original monastery are displayed. Apart from them, by the ruins there are some tourist facilities including several ger-yurt accommodation, a restaurant, and a natural museum where the exhibits are made of nature items: leaves, grass, stone and feathers etc. An interesting place that should be recommended is a small typical Mongolian ger furnished with authentic Mongolian furniture. The surrounding area is perfect for walking through green woods, meadows and mountain clear water streams. Horse riding is also recommended as locals rent harnessed horses. The Manzshir monastery site is accessible through Zuunmod entrance.

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